New Release 2017

Music From The Beatles Etc
Plus Our First Original Songs!


We three college bandmates found that regular careers could not diminish the joy of music we played fifty years ago as UNC students in Chapel Hill.


On a lark, at a reunion, we stayed up all night recording covers from the golden era of crossover soul and British invasion. OverTime, our debut CD, went plastic to sell dozens of copies.


Returning to a spare bedroom near Raleigh, we recorded The Blue Album of Beatles covers as a Carolina-blue tribute in wannaBeatles zest and devotion.


After a six-year layoff, we went into secluded vocal rehab for a comeback, captured by cell phone videographer Diane Guy.


Off Our Rocker rolls again! We are still demented, decked out, and delirious for our third album, Songs We Forgot.


Children At Play is released on June 30. In addition to signature covers from the Beatles and Kinks to Conway Twitty, it features our songwriting debut. See song notes and lyrics after the track list below.

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Album Notes

  • Off Our Rocker is a wacky band of grandpas after separate careers as a lawyer, developer-turned-missionary, and Pulitzer Prize-winning civil rights historian.
  • A 40-year layoff could not diminish the fun we had singing harmony together as college band-mates in the 1960s. We laugh a lot in a bedroom studio making music to help you smile.
  • Children At Play is our fourth reunion album since 2006. In addition to signature covers of the Beatles, Kinks, Arthur Alexander, and even Conway Twitty, we introduce our first original songs.
  • "All I Do" is our country tune about national anxiety, partly inspired by the lighthearted Beatles lament on Track 13, "What Goes On."
  • "A Better Baby" morphs from raw and nasty, like Mick Jagger dumping a girlfriend, into adorable surprise with guest vocals from a one-day-old grandchild.
  • "Back In Philly" revives the Founding Fathers in high school for a hard rock satire on juvenile U.S. politics.
  • "There She Is" is our tribute to the great Roy Orbison. His typical scared, fumbling man faces a climactic melodrama with the perfect woman.
  • Music is a treasured hobby for us, but we dream that one of you will alert an established star to record an Off Our Rocker original for a big audience.

The Band

Taylor Branch is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of many books including a historical trilogy about the modern civil rights era, America in the King Years. Information is available at his website

Bill Guy is a retired attorney. He has recorded many original songs, some of which are available on iTunes and under Bill and the Boomers.

John Yelverton is a retired real estate developer. He is currently spending much of his time in the mission field, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in Africa and Asia.